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About this website: (in Dutch)
All our product are second hand.
This means used, but still in a very good shape, unless it´s said different. Only a few products are new to be ordered.

See the site as a catalogue, you can buy or make a reservations for an item by email,
we shall answer your mail as soon as possible.

Because this is a shop it will be inevitable that some items will be sold quickly. This site is an impression of the moment. 
You can also get in contact if you've got missing information about a design/designer which is unknown to us, we would appreciate that. You can also offer us goods for sale, if it fits into our collection.
Some items are not for sale, only for rent,
they belong to our own private collection.
Prices are in Euros. The prices contain 0 % tax, only a few items have 19% TAX only there where its mentioned.
Prices are by piece, unless it's said different.

The condition of the items is good, otherwise it's said different
It's possible to rent for photoshoots, filmsets or an exhibition. Furniture rent for events, fairs, photoshoots, fashionshoots magazines  etc.
Styling for a fair, event, photo or film.
In general the price for rent will be 20% of the total value of the rented items for about 5 - 7 days.
In case of the possibility of mentioning of name, you can lend the items for less, or for free.


We can deliver the goods ourselves in the region of Amsterdam.
Cost: € 35,00 in Amsterdam North or inside the Ring A10, of Amsterdam  (For rentals other prices)

Outside the ring A10 in the region: price in consultation.

Deliveries in the rest of Holland, Europe: by a delivery-service on the clients cost.

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